• Which countries produce your leathers?



  • What are differences between products of mashadleather compony with the other leather producers in your country?

    Mashadleather compony is the only producer in field of natural leather and leather products that works on rawhide to.


  • What is the dying process of leather and does it fade?

    These colors are made of best materials that are produced in European countries and it`s done through the technology of dyeing  and  finishing.these colors don’t fade easily.


  • Where are Mashad Leather branches?

    Refered to Mashad leather branches link.


  • What is the schedule of Mashad Leather branches?

    You can find the stores schedule by refering to stores link.


  • How do I return an order that I’ve collected in store?

    If you don’t use the product,you can refund it with your invoice within  48hours,you canalso exchange it wth your invoice until 1 week.


  • Does Mashad Leather provide guaranty for its products?

    All products of mashadleather except  shoes have 12mounth  guaranty with free repairing.


  • Where can I have Mashad Leather items repaired?

    In order to repair your products you  can refer to the nearest branch of mashadleather.